Attachments International Index


Allegro-DE Procedures         

AF 30 Milling Machine                                                                 

Ackermann clip, MD ,BL 
Ackermann clip, MD ,BL Procedures 

Advent  (Locator only)

Ai-Hinge   Procedures                                              

Aii Radiographic Markers                       

Allegro-DE Procedures                                  

Allegro Implant Female Kit
(See individual implant overdenture sections)

Allegro-OD Castable Indirect    
Allegro-OD  Procedures                                  

Allegro-OD Direct            
Allegro-OD Direct Procedures                

Alloy Chart                                        

Analog                      (See individual implant section)

Anchor Implant — (ZIMMER /Integral )

Attachment Ai Gauge                             

Attachment Procedures                   


Preliminary Procedures                
Intracoronal, partial type             
Intracoronal, bridge type             

Intracoronal, locking bridge        

Extracoronal, partial type (See Dalbo, Swissex, Allegro DE)            

Extracoronal, locking type (See MK1, Lew, SwissLoc)        

Extracoronal, screw type            

Endodontic Post Restorations    

Overdenture, Stud Type (See Dalla Bona, ORS, Rothermann)
Overdenture, Direct Stud (See Unianchor , Direct ORS) Overdenture, Bar Type              

Plunger Type                              

Tube & Screw                                   


Set Screw                                   

Reline Procedures
Auxiliary Attachments - A.I.
Gauge, Marking Pens, Tweezers           

    Auxiliary Implant Products


Ball Overdenture Branemark Attach. 3.5mm     

Bar Post & Screw, Titanium:   Branemark , Replace , Select

Bar System, Ideal (See Individual Implant)

Bars —Quick Reference Chart

Bar Type Attachment Procedures
Bar Type Attachment Procedures Implants

Beyeler Procedures                                              

BIC Analogs, to fit Certain/Certain Prevail

Bicon — (Locator only)


Biloc Procedures

Biomet 3i External Hex

Biomet 3i Internal Hex - Certain       

BioHorizon Prodigy (See Screw-Vent)

Bio-Torq Driver System  -----

Bio-Torq Maintenance             

Bio-Vent 3.5 Components (ZIMMER Screw-Vent )

Blue Sky Bio Implant  (See Nobel Select or ITI )

Branemark compatible components:  NOBEL BIOCARE —

Branemark Direct to Implant Compatible:                   

Branemark Implant Analogs  

Angled Abutments                         

Direct Titanium Posts                    

Healing Caps                                 

Impression Copings   

Multi-Use Abutment - Branemark                 

NCA System                                  

Temporary Abutments                  

Ti Bar Post & Screw                      

UCLA Abutments Plastic                         

UCLA Abutments, Gold                 

UCLA Cylinders, only

UCLA Guide Pins, only

UCLA Screws, only

Branemark INDirect to Abutment Parts:

• UMA Abutment System               

• Multi-Use Abutment System       

• Standard Abutment System        

• HexCone Abutment System        

CAL Ti Cylinders Standard Abutment       

CAL Ti Cylinders Multi-Unit Abutment                   

Cylinders, Plastic                           

Guide Pins for abutments             

Screws for abutments                   

Branemark parts (Overdenture Attachments, Bars & Tools):

Ideal Bar Restorations                  

Insertion Tools                              

Lapping Tools                                

Overdenture Attachments:
 • Ball Overdenture Attachment 4mm    

 • 3.5 Ball Overdenture Attach.              

 • Stud Type (ORS / Dalla Bona)    `

 • Allegro Implant Female Kit         

Polishing Protector Caps              


Soldering Analogs      




CAL Technique, Procedures                 

CAL Cylinders   Branemark SA, Multi-Unit, UMA                               

CBS Bars & Riders   

CBS Bars & Riders Procedures                 

CM Bar & Rider System     

CM Bar & Rider System  Procedures              

CSP,  Cylinder, Screw & Plug         (refer to individual implant section)

Case Designs - ImplantsNatural Teeth                        

Calcitek —   (ZIMMER/Integral 292)

Calipers, Precision Digital                

Carbide Twistdrills                           

Ceka—   (Swiss Anchor Resilient, Swiss Anchor Solid)     
Centering Carbides                          

Clips-Riders Quick Reference Chart     



Compatibility Chart for Implants       

Core-Vent / ZIMMER :       see Screw-Vent / Zimmer

Cross Arch Roach

CVA Male Old Style                          


DDS Drivers                                    


Dalbo S                                            

Dalbo Mini  

Dalbo Procedures                                        

Dalla Bona  

Dalla Bona Procedures        

Dalla Bona for Implants:                          

DB, Branemark 3.5, 4.1, 5.1          

DB, Core-Vent 3.5, 4.0

DB, 3i 5.0

DB, IMZ Non-hex 3.3, 4.0              

DB, ITI                                            

DB, Integral 3.25, 4.0

DB, Omniloc 3.25, 4.0                    

DB, Paragon/Zimmer                     

DB, Replace 3.5, 4.3, 5.0               

DB, Screw-Vent 3.5, 4.0                

DB, Select 3.5, 4.3, 5.0, 6.0           

DB, Steri-Oss Hex-Loc 3.25          

DB, Steri-Oss Non-hex 3.8            

Denar          (NOBELSteri-Oss)

Dental Implants     (see implant section)

Dental Flash Software                           

Digital Caliper, Precision                  

Digital Micrometer, Precision           

Direct ORS (O-Ring System)          

Distal Extension (DE) Roach

Dolder Bar     

Dolder Bar Procedures                                   

Dovetail Connectors, Plastic

Drills (Twistdrills)

Drilling Guides, Titanium                  

Drivers, torque wrench (Bio-Torq System , LT Driver)


EDS Bar System         (Hader-EDS )

EDS Bar System  Procedures

Endodontic Post Procedures (Moser Post procedures ) 
Endure Implant                 

Estheticone   (HexCone Abutment  )     



Featured Products Catalog

Fixing Pins                                        



G/L .096 & .070 similar to — (Pt-Snap )

GPC similar to —              (Mini-Clic)     

Gauge, Attachment                          

Gilmar                            ( SwissMar)                     

Gi Mask                                                                              



Hader Bar      (Hader-EDS Bar)

Hader-EDS Bar System         

Hader EDS Bar Procedures          

Hannes Anchor             (IC Hannes)

Hannes Anchor Procedures

HexCone Abutment     (Estheticone)

Hex-Loc, Steri-Oss 3.25                     

Hex-Loc, Steri-Oss 3.8                (Branemark RP)

Hinge Type Attachments (Ai Hinge)



Biomet 3i Implant Innovations, Inc. Compatible:   

3i Direct to Implant Parts:

3i hex

3i external hex RP (see Branemark RP)

Analogs for Osseotite External Hex 5.0             

Analogs, BIC for Certain/Certain Prevail

Direct Titanium Hex Posts for Branemark RP Compatible           

Impression Copings for Branemark RP Compatible                  

UCLA Abutment/Cylinder for Branemark RP Compatible

3i external hex RP Compatible
(Overdenture Attachments & Tools) :

 • Stud Type  (ORS/DALLA BONA)    

 • Allegro Implant Female Kit         


IC Hannes            (Hannes Anchor )

Hannes Anchor Procedures

IMZ Reference Charts

(4.0 IME, 3.3 IME, 4.0 IMC, 3.3 IMC):  

IMZ 3.3 & 4.0 Compatible Components:   

IMZ Direct to Original Implant Parts:

IMZ non hex Analogs

IMZ non hex Healing Caps

IMZ non hex Impression Copings 

IMZ non hex Titanium Posts                              

IMZ non hex Ti-Bloc                                           

IMZ INDirect to Abutment Parts:

• IMC Abutment                             

• IME Abutment                             

• IMZ UMA Abutment                            

IMZ Compatible Parts (Overdenture Attachments, Bars & Tools) :

Ideal Bar Restorations       

IMZ Clip and Backplate          

Insertion Tools                              

Lapping Tools                                

Overdenture Attachments:                

 • Stud Type (ORS / Dalla Bona)   

 • Allegro Implant Female Kit         


Screws for Original IMZ   3.3 / 4.0      Hex Head IMZ  Screw         

IMZ Hex Head 3.3 & 4.0              (Branemark RP Compatible )


ITI / Straumann Compatible Components:   

ITI Direct to Implant Parts:

ITI Direct Titanium Solid Posts              

ITI Healing Cap                             

SwissTL UCLA Gold Cylinders     

ITI INDirect to Abutment Parts:

• Octabutment System     Octabutment Abutment            

ITI Compatible Parts (Overdenture Attachments, Bars & Tools) :

Screws & Guide Pins Octabutment    

Insertion Tools                              

ITI Overdenture Attachments:

 • Stud Type (ORS / Dalla Bona)    

 • Allegro Implant Female Kit         


Imtec Endure



Ideal Bar Restorations     see individual Implant Sections

Igloo Magnet                (Neomagnet)

Implant Compatibility Chart              

Implant Innovations, Inc., 3i (See 3i)

Implant Introduction                         

Implant Procedures:             

Bridge Reconstructions              

CAL Passive Technique             

Compatibility Chart                      

Component Order Guide

Direct vs Indirect                        

Fixed-Detachable Hybrid    PC Wafer

Impression Techniques              

Maintenance Guidelines             

Method of Fixation                      

Ordering Implant Components

Overdenture, Bar Type

Overdenture, Stud Type             

Preliminary Procedures                               

Single Tooth                                


Innova-Oraltronics Entegra                    (Branemark Compatible)

Innova-Oraltronics   (Pitt-Easy Locator )


Integral / Zimmer compatible components: 

Integral Direct to Implant Parts:


Impression Coping                                              

Direct Titanium Posts                    

UCLA Abutments (CSP)               

Integral INDirect to Abutment Parts:

• UMA Abutment System               

• Shouldered Abutment System    

Integral Compatible Parts (Overdenture Attachments, Bars & Tools) :Ideal Bar Restorations                  

Insertion Tools                              

Lapping Tools                                

Overdenture Attachments:

  • Parts & Tools (ORS/DB/)    

 • Stud Type (ORS / Dalla Bona)   

 • Allegro Implant Female Kit         


UMA Polishing Protector Cap

Intracoronal Attachment Procedures               

Interlock Attachment                        

Ipsoclip RE & SE                                    



KAL Technique, Procedures         —      (see CAL Technique )

KAL Cylinders                                —      (see CAL Cylinders )

Keyway                                          —      (PDC , Omega-M)



LT/RA Driver System   

LT Driver Maintainence                    

Lab Drivers                                      

Lew Passive

Lew Procedures

Lifecore RD External Hex Compatible Components:    

(See Branemark Regular Platform components pg.
and for Sustain RD & Restore RD)


Locking Type Attachments   (MK1, SwissLoc, Lew)      

Locking Attachments Procedures  (MK1,  Lew, SwissLoc, Swivel Loc)         



MK 1 Passive Lock      
MK 1 Passive Lock Procedures                          

Magnets - Neomagnet, Magnedisc 800     
Magnets -  Procedures                                 

Marking Pens                                   


May's Procedures

McCollum    (Swiss McCollum) 
McCollum Procedures

Micrometer, Precision Digital           

Micro-Vent, Paragon 3.25 & 4.25       (Screw-Vent )

Milling Finishing Set                          

Milling machine, AF 30                           

Milling Tools Chart                           


Mini Dalbo

Mini Dalbo Procedures

Mini SGR

Moser Post

Moser Post Procedures    

Multi-Use Abutment - Branemark

Multi-Use Abutment - Select                                  


NCA System          (Branemark System)

Neomagnet 500     (Magnedisc , Magfit) 
Magnet Procedures      

Nobel Biocare Introduction  

 • ‑Branemark —part 1, external hex connection
(see Branemark)

 • ‑Select—part 2, internal tri-channel connection
(see Steri-Oss Select)

 • ‑Steri-Oss—part 3, original flat top, Hex-Loc & Replace
(see Steri-Oss Original, Steri-Oss Hex-Loc, Steri-Oss Replace)
Multi-Use Abutment - Select                                         

NobelSpeedy Groovy                  (Branemark compatible )

NobelSpeedy Groovy Shorty        (Branemark compatible )

NobelReplace Tapered Groovy                 (Select compatible )

NobelSpeedy Replace   (Select compatible )  
Titanium Base for Zirconia Procedures       


O-Butment                         (Integral)
Octabutment                 (ITI System)

• Analogs for Octabutment

• Cylinders Octabutment

• Guide Pins Octabutment            

• Impression Coping Octabutment

• Screws Octabutment                  

•Temporary Abutment Octabutment

Omega-M Procedures


Omniloc Components       (Refer to Integral pg. )

O-Ring Attachments
O-Ring Insertion Tool



ORS-OD Direct         
ORS Direct Procedures                      

ORS for Implants:                                   

ORS, Branemark 3.5, 4.1, 5.1       

ORS, Core-Vent 3.5, 4.5                

ORS, 3i 5.0                                     

ORS, IMZ Non-hex 3.3, 3.8/4.0     

ORS, ITI                                         

ORS, Integral 3.25, 4.0

ORS, Omniloc 3.25, 4.0                 

ORS, Paragon/Zimmer                  

ORS, Replace External Hex 3.5, 4.3, 5.0            

ORS, Screw-Vent 3.5, 4.0             

ORS, Select 3.5, 4.3, 5.0, 6.0        

ORS, Steri-Oss Hex-Loc 3.25

ORS, Steri-Oss Non-hex 3.25, 3.8  

OT Cap                                                  

OT Strategy    (Strategy DE) 

Strategy Procedures           



PC Wafer
PC Wafer Procedures

PDC (Plastic Dovetail Connectors)

PDC Procedrues

PPM Bar System                                                       

Paragon Compatible Components:   (See Screw-Vent)

Pin Des Marets, similar to (Score-UP )

Pitt-Easy (Sybron-Oraltranics)


Plunger Type Attachments

Hannes Anchor

Hannes Anchor Procedures


Precision Digital Caliper                   

Precision Digital Micrometer            

Prodigy  (BioHorizons Internal See Screw-Vent)                                     

Pro-Horix                                                 (Hader Bar )


PT Snap Procedures                                


Quadilateral Hinge similar to (Ai-Hinge )

Ai Hinge Procedures


Radicular Stud Type (Logic, Zaag, Zest , Uni-Anchor, Locator )

Radiographic Markers                     

Reamers             (See individual implant section)

Reference Chart-Bars                     

Reference Chart-Clips                     

Reline Procedures

Replace External Hex  

Restore (Keystone Ex Hex RD Branemark Compatible)

Rhein OT Cap                                         (OT Cap )

Rhein Strategy                                        (Strategy-DE )

Riders-Clips Quick Reference Chart     

Roach, Cross Arch                          

Roach, Distal Extension                   


Rothermann  Procedures                                   


SA  (SwissAnchor )

SA Anchor Resilient                               

SA Anchor Solid   

SwissAnchor Procedures

SwissAnchor OD                                 




SCORE Procedures                                        

SCORE Tools                                  

Screwdrivers, DDS                          

Screws   (Tube & Screw 126)    (Refer to individual implants)

Screws, Gold                                         

Screws, Titanium                                   

Screw-Bloc similar to   (SwissBloc  )

Screw-Vent, Paragon              (ZIMMER Dental )

Screw-Vent / ZIMMER :      Compatible Components

Screw-Vent Direct to Implant Parts:

Analogs Implant, TSI, UMA                                       

CV-UCLA Abutments                                           

Titanium Abutment Posts               

Healing Caps                                 

Impression Copings                      

Titanium Bases  
Titanium Base Instructions                           

Screw-Vent INDirect to Abutment Parts:

• UMA Abutment System               

• TSI Abutment System                 

Cylinders, see UMA or TSI page

UMA CAL Cylinders                            

Screw-Vent Compatible (Overdenture, Bars & Tools) :

Ideal Bar Restorations                  

Insertion Tools                              

Lapping Tools                                

Overdenture Attachments:                

• Parts & Tools (ORS/DB/)     

• Stud Type (ORS / Dalla Bona)    

• Allegro Implant Female Kit          


Set Screws
Set Screws  Procedures                                      

Select               (see Nobel Replace Select)

SGR, Mini                                         

Shouldered Abutment         (see Integral, ZIMMER)

Smooth Staple Implant System        

Stage-1, Lifecore                                  

Steri-Oss Introduction               (Nobel Biocare intro )            

Steri-Oss Hex-Loc 3.25 Direct Compatible

Steri-Oss Hex-Loc 3.8mm (see Branemark Regular Platform) Components for Hex-Loc 3.8:              

Analog Implant 


Impression Coping Implant                   

UCLA, CSP Abutments                 
Overdenture Attachments,
    Stud Type (ORS, Dalla Bona)   

Steri-Oss Hex-Loc 5.0  (see Steri-Oss Replace 5.0)           

Steri-Oss Flat Top  3.25 & 3.8 Non-Hex Compatible Components:

Direct to Implant Parts:

Analog Implant                                                    

Direct Titanium Posts                    

Impression Coping                        

UCLA, CSP Abutments                 

Steri-Oss Original 3.25 & 4.0 Non-Hex Compatible Components:

INDirect to Abutment Parts:

• UMA Abutment System               

• PME Abutment System               

Steri-Oss Original 3.25 & 3.8 Non-Hex Compatible:
(Overdenture Attachments & Tools):

Lapping Tools                                                 
• Stud Type (ORS / Dalla Bona)    
• Allegro Implant Female Kit          


Steri-Oss Replace External Hex Direct to Implant:        


Bar Post & Screw, Ti                     

Guide Pin hex & UCLA Screw       

Impression Coping       

UCLA Abutments                 

Overdenture Attachments,
 • Stud Type (ORS/Dalla Bona)                 

• Allegro Implant Female Kit                     


Steri-Oss Select Tri-Channel Direct  Compatible :            


Black Anodized Screws                                

Bar Post & Screw, Ti

Direct Titanium Post  
Multi-Use Abutment - Select                         

UCLA Engaging Cylinders            (plastic and gold cylinders)

UCLA Non-Engaging Cylinders    (plastic and gold cylinders)

UCLA Impression Coping        

Healing Caps                                 

Screws & Guide Pins

Titanium Base                               

INDirect to Abutment Parts:

• PME Abutment System               

(Overdenture Attachments & Tools):
• Stud Type (ORS/Dalla Bona/)

• Allegro Implant Female Kit                       

Strategy DE  

Strategy Procedures


Straumann Components       (Refer to ITI Section)

Stud Type Attachments

Stud Type Comparision Chart         

Sustain, Lifecore   (Branemark compatible )

Swede-Vent   (Branemark compatible )

SwissAnchor OD                                    (Ceka, Argen)

SwissBloc          (Similar to T-Bloc , Flecher-Bloc )

SwissBloc Procedures

Swiss Dalbo System  - See Dalla Bona


SwissEX Procedures                                          

SwissLoc NG       Swiss Loc                 

SwissLoc Procedures   Swiss Loc Procedures           

SwissMar similar to (Gilmar)

SwissMar Procedures

SwissMini                       (Dalbo Mini)

SwissMini Procedures

SwissTac                       (Tach E-Z )

SwissTac Procedures

Swiss Set Screw    

Set Screw Procedures                          

Swivel Loc

Swivel Loc Procedures

Sybron Implant Meeting


Tach E-Z similar to SwissTac

SwissTac Procedures


Taper-Lock Components     (Branemark RP compatible)

Taps                                  (Tube & Screw)


Tapping Procedures

Threadloc Components        (Branemark RP compatible)

Titanium Bars
Titanium Base for Zirconia Instructions
Titanium Hader/EDS Bar
Titanium Bar Post & Screw: Branemark , Replace , Select Titanium Drilling Guide                       
Titanium Extension Sleeve                 
Titanium Milling Bur Set                    
Torque Wrench                                  (Bio-Torq Wrenches )Transosteal Implants      Smooth Staple Implant                 
Tube & Screw System     
Tube & Screw Procedures                      


UCLA System (direct to implant)             (UCLA Abutment, CSP)

(Refer to individual implants)

UMA (Universal Modification Abutment)                

UMA Components INDirect to UMA Abutment:


CAL UMA      

CAL Procedures                               

Cylinders, Plastic                                            


Guide Pins                                     

Healing Caps                                 

Impression Copings                      

Lapping Tools                                

Overdenture Attachments,
    Stud Type (ORS/Dalla Bona)

Polishing Protector Caps              



Soldering Analogs    

Temporary Abutments                     

UMA, CSP (cylinder, screw & plug)    

UMA Inserts for:                            


IMZ Original Non-hex                          



Screw-Vent (Paragon-Zimmer)            (Core-Vent)

Steri-Oss Original Non-hex                 

Ultra-M similar to Dalbo S                          

Uni-Anchor Z-Type                          

Uni-Anchor Straight    

Uni-Anchor Procedures


Wrenches, Insertion   (Bio-Torq , LT/RA)




Zimmer, Screw-Vent               (see Screw-Vent, Zimmer)

• Bio-Vent                                      

• Core-Vent                                   

• Micro-Vent                                  

• Screw-Vent                                 

Zimmer, Integral                                    (see Integral, Zimmer)

Former Calcitek Implant Systems:

• Integral                                        

• Omniloc

• Threadloc (external hex)          —      (see Branemark )            


Zimmer Dental formerly known as:

Sulzer Medica







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