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Dear Colleagues:
I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year and to thank all of our customers for making 2012 an enormous success for Implant Direct. During the last year, we opened a new 18,000sq. ft. factory a few miles from our Los Angeles 40,000 sq. ft factory, created a high tech teaching center in Las Vegas and committed to expand to a new 20,000 sq. ft building for customer service and tech support. The new factory, and a 3 year investment in technology, will allow Implant Direct to launch its new line of CAD-milled titanium bars and custom titanium and zirconium abutments this January. The three-day implant courses for implant novices sold out in 2012 and in 2013, we are adding advanced courses to teach Anatomage software, which will be available at very favorable prices to attendees. Implant Direct launched the SwishPlus implant in 2012 and will launch the GoDirect Mini, SwishPlus2, InterActive and Legacy4 implants in 2013, the last two with two-piece fixture-mount.(Patent Pending)

An important reason for Implant Direct's success is our high quality product line offered to the profession at reasonable prices. Another reason is our 450 dedicated and knowledgeable employees committed to the success of our customers. In North America, we continue to earn the recognition reported in 2011 by Millenium Research Group for offering the best customer service and satisfaction compared to the 6 largest implant companies. During 2012, I wrote a number of technical articles, an editorial and gave an interview, all of which are reprinted in a New 16 Page Brochure available online and in hard copy. One of the articles details our new GoDirect Mini Implant set for launch in Q1 also featured in a very detailed video demonstrating the use of the GoDirect Implants and GPS Attachments.

I encourage you to visit and learn more about our products as well as practice building opportunities. Our content-rich website includes many clinical videos and over 80 3D graphic videos covering surgical, prosthetic, laboratory and team approach procedures. Please take the opportunity to watch my two hour, Las Vegas lecture now available online that covers all aspects of the Implant Industry and Implant Direct's product line including both surgical and restorative procedures.

Implant Direct holds the singular distinction of creating the Value Segment of the dental implant market. A recent Morgan Stanley Industry Report entitled Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Disruption is Here explains how Implant Direct's business strategy has cost the premium priced companies market share and profits. These companies have now become the "discounters" to retain high volume customers who threaten to take advantage of Implant Direct's low prices on compatible products. Example of discounts these companies are offering to selective customers can be seen on Implant Direct's online National Discount Registry. Implant Direct has invested extensively in 2012 in expanded facilities and staff to better serve our customers and in R & D to develop new product lines to better meet all clinical needs. These investments, along with the increased costs of doing business all dentists are experiencing, necessitates that Implant Direct take its only price increase since it started selling in October 2006. Visit our Online Catalogs for new pricing. Implant Direct is not passing on to its customers the additional costs of the new Medical Excise Tax. As you can see below from the price comparisons, Implant Direct continues to bring "disruption" (i.e. necessary correction) to an otherwise complacent and overpriced industry. This demonstrates Implant Direct's continued commitment to bring the benefits of affordable implant dentistry to more dental practices and patients.

All the best,
Dare to Compare on Innovation, Quality, Service and Value.

Legacy™3 Implant
All-in-1 Packaging includes implant, abutment, transfer, cover screw & healing collar
$200 vs $633 from Zimmer Dental
Save $433 with Legacy™3

SwishPlant™ Implant
All-in-1 Packaging includes implant, straight abutment / transfer, cover screw & healing collar
$200 vs $737 from Straumann®
Save $537 with SwishPlant™

ReActive™ Implant
All-in-1 Packaging includes implant, abutment, transfer &
cover screw

$200 vs $718 from Nobel Biocare
Save $518 with ReActive™
We are pleased to announce that Tom Stratton has been named Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Tom joins Implant Direct with over 20 years of dental industry experience serving as VP of Global Sales for Zimmer Dental, General Manager of Dentsply's Implant Division and, for the last 6 years, as President of DEKA Laser Technologies. Tom brings with him his education and sales team from DEKA as Implant Direct will be taking over its distribution.

DEKA Laser Technologies The DEKA CO2 is the laser of choice for implantologists and surgical specialists thanks to the proprietary UltraSpeed pulse technology that allows for enough thermal relaxation time to minimize trauma to the surrounding tissue. It provides a clean dry field for operation, minimal post op swelling, and superior healing properties compared to conventional blade surgery. We will be conducting training courses on the laser technology across the country. April 12-13 in Anaheim, CA and May 10-11 in Madison, Wisconsin - with more dates to be announced soon.
Anatomage "Passage" Surgical Guide Starter Software will be taught and sold at Implant Direct's Las Vegas Training Center. Features are DICOM review, Implant Planning and Surgical Guide Review. Implant Direct is also teaming with Anatomage in the fabrication of Surgical Guides designed specifically for use with Implant Direct's Guided Surgery Handles and Drills.
New titanium carrier for Legacy™ 1
The existing Legacy™ 1 plastic carrier is being upgraded to a new titanium carrier. This carrier provides additional insertion options with a ratchet or fixture-mount drill (FMD), features demarcations for easy indexing at time of placement and functions as a closed-tray transfer.
Legacy™ 2 & Legacy™ 3 will soon each have seven implant diameters! Each line will include 3.2, 3.7, 4.2, 4.7, 5.2, 5.7 and 7.0mm for an unparalleled breadth of selection.
Legacy™ 4 combines the popular Legacy™ 2 implant body with a revolutionary two-piece
fixture-mount that is an abutment1 and transfer. The anodized square top detaches within the impression for metal-to-metal accuracy. In addition, the Legacy4 fixture-mount features a concave transgingival profile for soft tissue management.
New Swish™ Angled Screw-Receiving and GPS™ Abutments feature a compact, one-piece angled base designed for reduced vertical height. Available in 15° and 30° for both the 3.7 and 4.8mm platforms, these abutments simplify treatment of fully edentulous jaws by achieving parallelism when implants are inclined.
CustomDirect™ is Implant Direct's new line of patient-specific, CAD milled bars and abutments. First to be launched are the titanium bars for fixed complete dentures or overdentures. A wide range of bar designs is available for implant-level or abutment-level attachment in popular interfaces such as industry-compatible Legacy, RePlant and Swish systems plus ScrewIndirect, ScrewPlant/ScrewPlus, screw-receiving abutments for each of our systems and Nobel Biocare's multi-unit abutments.
3.0mm GoDirect™ Mini for Treatment of Narrow Ridges
With a pointed apical end and overall tapered body, the new 3.0mm GoDirect Mini is ideal for flapless surgery and may be placed in a partial length drill site in soft bone. GoDirect Mini will offer in a 16mm length in addition to the 10, 11.5 and 13mm lengths standard to the GoDirect line and continue to feature internal threads for conversion to a fixed prosthesis and a GPS™-compatible platform.
The InterActive™ system of conical connection implants and abutments provides a platform compatible to the NobelActive™ and NobelReplace™ Conical Connection. The InterActive abutments with concave transgingival profile incorporate design modifications to help ensure full seating of the abutments without the necessity of confirming radiographs. The body of the InterActive implant matches that of the successful Legacy™ 2 implant with double lead body threads over the tapered two-thirds of the implant for faster insertion. The InterActive implants also feature a combination of coronal quadruple-lead micro-threads with micro-grooves for enhanced crestal bone preservation and initial stability.
SwishPlus™ 2 bone-level implants offer compatibility with Straumann®'s Tissue-Level surgical instruments with the addition of self-tapping grooves for initial stability and micro-grooves for improved tissue-support as well as reduced stress. SwishPlus2 will be available in 3.3, 4.1 and 4.8mm diameters plus a 5.7mm diameter for the treatment of wider sockets. SwishPlus2 is prosthetically compatibility with InterActive Conical Connection.

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